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Petrochemicals are a group of chemicals derived from petroleum, it is very common for these ingredients to be irritating, and drying to skin. Not to mention the possibility of being carcinogenic and that they can wreak havoc on our metabolism and hormones. The production of petrochemicals also causes environmental concerns (air pollution). Here at Whipped Earth, we feel these chemicals…

How long will a shampoo bar last.

Our bars should last you 4 to 6 months depending on how often you wash your hair and how many people are using the bar. This picture shows a new bar compared to a bar that is 6wks old. The bar is used between 2 adults abd one child. As you can see there is still plenty of bar left.

Tea or Coffee

Today I’ve been blessed with a few child free hours and I’m currently sitting at home sipping a HOT cup of tea. (Anyone with children will understand this is a rare indulgence.) My mind started to wander off … Which hot drink do I prefer. TEA OR COFFEE Tea has this ability to force you to sit down, calm &…

New logo

You may have notice we changed our name a while ago. So we thought we needed a new fresh logo to go with our new name. We wanted to keep the design similar to our old logo so we could be recognised but different at the same time. That is where the calendula flower comes in play. All of our…

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