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Looking after your body makes you feel better therefore you are more likely to think positively about the appearance of your body.

How you look after your body directly impacts its appearance.

In a world where we are bombarded with glossy images of airbrushed skeletal models with perfect skin and hair, it’s hard to think positively about ourselves. Whipped Earth wants everybody to know they are beautiful as they are!!!

To do that we need to normalize, normal bodies. For our photo shoots we have chosen everyday people, from all walks of life. Men, women and children. We have models of all sizes, shapes, and colours. We asked our models to wear minimal or no make-up. Acne, scars, wrinkles, freckles and cellulite are a fact of life.

I have a scar under my belly button from appendix surgery. It looks like a caterpillar, and some may think it’s ugly; but that scar was made by a team of doctors and nurses who saved my life. I have cellulite and stretch marks on my butt cheeks. I simply think “well I have a nice rounded butt”. My body is covered in freckles, because I rarely wore sun cream. I use these as a teaching tool for my daughter. These freckles are where the sun has bitten my skin, so you need to wear a hat and sunscreen so the sun doesn’t bite you.

Our products do not remove scars, cellulite, or freckles. Instead we like to embrace these “marks in history” and turn them into positive memories and lessons.

Accepting your body the way it is can be made easier by taking a few steps to take care of yourself and your needs. We encourage you to eat a healthy balanced diet, ensure you’re getting adequate amounts of sleep and to stay hydrated. Apply sunscreen and moisturizer. Balance your life: work/play/rest. Have healthy positive influences around you! Monitor screen time/ avoid the news!!!

We believe that a happy healthy body is far better than anything you see in a magazine.

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