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Hi my name is Emma & I am the face behind Whipped Earth.

I, like most people, was oblivious to the harmful ingredients found in our everyday skincare and household products. It wasn't until my husband and I were into our second year of trying to have a baby, that I stumbled across information about hormone disruptors, skin irritants and breast cancer causing ingredients found in 90% of personal care, cosmetics and household cleaners on our supermarket shelves.

From that moment I decided to stop using these products and started researching other alternatives.

I started off using recipes found online, but only to find they would melt in the heat, go mouldy or make my skin worse. I was so confused by the information I decided to take a short course in cosmetic chemistry. It was here I learnt about different ingredients, their properties & how they react with different skin types. I familiarised myself with preservatives, emulsifiers, humectants etc & why different formulations need different types of ingredients.

Over time my formulas have evolved and what you see today is a product of passion for a safe alternative to personal care and hygiene.

I hope you enjoy.

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